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Awesome Hollywood Girlfriends July 29, 2008

Filed under: celebrity gossip — Katie @ 5:03 pm

Keira Knightley is the Hollywood Girlfriend of PL, but sadly, she has to share her with another friend of ours.  She made news today by refusing to allow the production company for her new movie The Duchess to digitally enlarge her breasts in their promo materials.  Good for her.  The production company also even photoshopped some meat off of her already sunken cheeks. 

Other thoughts on Keira Knightley:

1.  She needs to eat more.

2.  She’s only 23 now, so that means she was only 18 in Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean and 16 or 17 in Bend it Like Beckham.  Makes you feel a little dirty and creepy right? 

Other thoughts on Hollywood Girlfriends:

1.  Mary Louise Parker

2.  Diane Lane