Just a little blog about me and mine.

About Me July 16, 2008

I am 29. I was born to be 40. I am an only child. I work for a non-profit. I used to teach physics. And tennis. And sociology. I went to seminary. No, I’m not a minister. I read a lot. I am my household’s designated bug killer. My partner is my household’s designated dog poo picker-upper. It’s a fair trade. I call my partner PL in the blog. It stands for Pack Leader. Watch Cesar Milan if you don’t know what that means. I have a guitar. I know 2 chords. Bad lesbian. We have a cat. She is scared. And fluffy. I have a dog too. He’s goofy. And gives high-fives. And sleeps in the bed. There were two failed fish-owning experiments. Then we got a second dog. He’s not very smart. And he naps a lot. I live in Georgia. By choice. I moved away. And came back again. We own a house. It’s a lot of work. And a lot of money. I don’t know if I want kids or not. Hopefully they would fare better than the fish. I am introverted. 100% introverted according to Myers Briggs. But I like people. I just think I’m smarter than them. I’m impatient. But I’m working on it. I no longer get angry at strangers in the grocery store line. That’s improvement. I’m a good cook. I’m improving as a baker. I’m learning to follow directions. That helps with baking. I want everyone to like me. That’s why I’m not a minister. I have a retirement plan. Two actually. And stocks. And mutual funds. And savings bonds. But I think corporations are evil. I like the money more though. I feel bad about that. I am a pacifist. Mostly. I’m not a vegetarian. But people always expect me to be. I used to weigh 40 pounds more than I do now. That was bad. Now I run. And eat vegetables. And still too much pizza. And ice cream. I go to church. Community is important. That’s why I go. I think that’s what this blog is about.


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