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Comings and Goings and To-Do-ings November 17, 2009

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In some of my daily blog reading, I came across a 30 Day blog project by a guy in California. He noticed that we spend much of our time and energy focused on big things–graduation, weddings, vacations, etc…that we often forget to make note of the really fun and important (and sometimes boring and unimportant) things we do everyday. He’s posted a picture and a really short sentence about something he did that day.

I thought it was a great idea, and a great way for me to blog more, starting with very small things, and hopefully thinking of other things to say. I have my iPhone with me pretty much all the time, so I can document as I go. Tuesdays are usually particularly dull, I’ll try to document something interesting at some point.

Tuesday November 17, 2009

Today I gave blood. I enjoyed my post-donation nutter butters and spilled some of my grape juice on my khaki pants.

Once I got home, I watched part of the first televised Duke basketball game of the season. The first of many.


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