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Dog-Like Faith October 13, 2009

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I do my best to resist posting photos of my dogs on facebook and my blog every day, but sometimes I can’t help it. Without over-sentimentalizing anything, I think I learn a lot from my dogs–and not just how they force me to learn patience. They show us how to be loving and devoted, and how to be excited by small joys in life. (We’ve also learned how to clean red clay out of everything, how to dispose of dead rats, and how to fit 2 adults and 2-40 pound dogs in a queen size bed.) When we first got both of them they would startle fairly easily, but they’ve become less fearful and more trusting the longer they’ve been with us.

Last night, I looked over at Oliver sitting in one of our chairs and saw this: (we actually see this pose quite often, here’s O’Malley doing it too)


That’s such expectant hope. He knew if he waited long enough someone would come along and rub his belly. He was also prepared–legs up in the air and his big turkey-like chest sticking out–so when someone did notice him and walked by, he’d be ready.

What if we took that own posture? Figuratively of course, although I’ve had days where literally seems like a good idea too. Expecting good things. Being prepared for good things to come our way. Trusting that we are safe. Knowing that we are loved.


One Response to “Dog-Like Faith”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I often look at Rascal and all 90 pounds of him look just like this, lol. You can’t help but go rub the tummy then. They know how to work it.

    I know what you mean though. Last year I took a trip just me and Rascal to a little cabin in the woods. I did a lot of observing and Rascal was the subject at times. I often look at him and am reminded of where I’d like to be – content with what I have, grateful for the people around me, delighted in little treats on occasion, simple, relaxed and and playful at times.

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