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State Fair and Cotton Candy October 5, 2009

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This past Saturday we took my cousin Dee to the North Georgia State Fair. I haven’t been to a fair since I was a kid, and haven’t even been on any carnival type rides since going to Six Flags in college, but when I heard the fair was in town it sounded like fun. We always say we should go to one of the strange little fairs they have in parking lots sometime, but this was probably much more fun and safe.

After paying for admission, and parking, we bought a package of ride tickets. We had seen a schedule of some free shows, we we toured the grounds and decided to wait for the shows to start. We visited the petting zoo and saw baby ducks and baby chickens, along with some beautiful Japanese Silken Chickens. We fed goats and petted an emu, and PL told me I couldn’t have a baby chicken for my birthday, even though I begged and whined a little.


Then it was time for some of the shows to start. First we saw The Penguins of the Arctic High Dive Show. It was people dressed in penguin costumes performing diving and acrobatic tricks. I was a little embarrassed for the actors (ok a lot since they had to dance around a little and flap their penguin wings), but as the show went on was also impressed by their athleticism. I guess there isn’t a professional high diving circuit, or even a diving version of the ice capades for retired divers to join, so this was it. Next we saw a BMX bicycle stunt show–totally the kind of thing Dee loves, and we actually all enjoyed watching it too.

Next were some rides. I’m not scared of rides, but I tend to get a little motion sick, and PL tends to be scared of rides, and we were a little too overeager in selecting our first ride given these factors. It was called the Ion and had a bit too much spinning around–PL had to keep her eyes closed and I got a little queasy, but it still was fun. Dee didn’t want to ride this one with us. We then took Dee on a slightly less scary ride, and I got seated with an 8 year old girl while Dee and PL sat together. The little girl was really sweet though and didn’t throw up on me, which is even better. Dee then had some funnel cake, and we had a few bites but were still not brave enough to eat and then ride. Next up were the bumper cars, and we got some great photos of all of us:




We also went on a tall slide which seemed to for kids or for adults with kids on their lap, but it looked like fun we we went on it anyway. Next up was the Ferris wheel. Somehow PL had never ridden a Ferris wheel before and we all enjoyed it–especially since we could all go in one car together. It was actually a pretty cool Ferris wheel-it was designed by the same folks as the Seattle space needle for the world’s fair there in the 1960s. PL tends to be afraid of heights, but I really like to be on top of tall things for the view, so being able to see everything seemed to not make her too scared. (I still doubt that she’ll ever get on our roof to help me clean out the gutters.)



Last but not least, PL and I rode the Tilt-a-Whirl together, which was a ton of fun and really seems like one of those really “couple-y” things to do. Once we spent all of our ride tickets and were done for the day, I got some cotton candy, perhaps my favorite food ever.

We ended up spending a really long time there (not to mention having spent a lot of money!), but it was a great day. On the way back home, we even saw the famous Big Chicken. PL had never seen it before, so she made me take a picture. If you’re not from the Atlanta area, the Big Chicken is a local landmark–his beak opens and closes and his big beady eyes spin around.



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