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Trials and Tribulations of a Yuppie September 23, 2009

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PL and I are admittedly crunchier than many people–we’re lesbians with 2 dogs living in Decatur for cryin’ out loud, but often we’re probably more yuppie than crunchy at the end of the day if we’re honest. Our tight budget and inability to be current on pop culture make us more crunchy daily, so there’s hope for us yet.

We still experience regular moments of yuppie shame though, the latest of which happened this past weekend at our neighborhood Kroger. We were shopping for picnic food for an Indigo Girls concert (crunchy) at Chastain Park Amphitheater (yuppie). It was raining so hard while we were shopping that we just decided to go to the Kroger right near our house instead of the one we normally shop at or at the Farmer’s Market, both of which are a few minutes further away. (We don’t go to Whole Foods–no boycott or anything, just cheap–so that keeps us from being total yuppies). To our great horror, we found out that they only sell one kind of goat cheese, and their “fancy cheese aisle” was 3 packages of different kinds of cheese of the same brand in a wooden basket over near the deli. (A deli which sells fried chicken livers.) Then we went to the wine and beer section. I’ve found a red wine I really like (Cellar No. 8 cabernet) and often buy it now anytime I need a bottle of wine to take somewhere, and of course they didn’t have it–it sometimes costs upwards of $12. They also didn’t have PL’s favorite wine-Ecco Doman which has been known to go over $10 per bottle. Strawberry Hill anyone? Also, they only had white bread pita, not whole grain or multigrain. And yes, we did realize it’s us with the problem.

While we force ourselves to make do with Parmesan cheese in green cans and not imported blocks, there is at least usually something out of the ordinary and entertaining going on in our neighborhood shops. Luckily our neighborhood isn’t generally unsafe, just unsavory and uncool. Though there was that one time I got interviewed by a detective, we sometimes make a mental note of the time of day we hear “fireworks,” and then there was something Robert and Julia overheard at the grocery store about a getaway car…

Maybe us yuppies living in bad neighborhoods should start an “overheard in…” blog. An old favorite blog from my DC days was Eavesdrop DC. DC is a great city for overhearing conversation on the streets and subway–it’s a good mixture of smart people saying weird things, airhead college students, tourists, grifters and other assorted street characters.

Here’s our version:

“I don’t know nothin’ about no other girlfriend. I’m not even gonna get in the middle of that.”-young man on cell phone, overheard Saturday in Kroger

“You’re not supposed to eat meat out of a bag.” One young woman to another carrying a package of beef jerky, overheard today in WalMart.

(That reminds me, have you seen the People of WalMart blog? Stunning.)


2 Responses to “Trials and Tribulations of a Yuppie”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Yes, I’m completely stalking your blog, but your feeding my addiction. LOL.

    I totally hear you on the Yuppie/Crunchy struggle. We do shop at Whole Foods, which has made us even worse ESPECIALLY with cheese! OK, and beer, and produce but that’s all. No wait, and some meats. Heh. But to our defense we don’t have a Kroger.

    That walmart blog is a gem. Adding it now to my google reader! Bahhhhh

  2. Julia Says:

    mmmm…Citi Kroger. A font of conversations you probably shouldn’t be eaves dropping in on.

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