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Las Vegas–Days Four and Five June 4, 2009

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I’m finally getting around to writing up our last couple of days of vacation.

On Thursday, PL had made us reservations for a couple’s spa day at the MGM Grand. We showed up at the spa at the assigned time, got some really nice spa shoes and were given a tour and a locker. We got to change into incredibly soft bath robes and go hang out in the women’s spa area until they called us. They came pretty quickly and called me back, but didn’t call for PL at the same time, which was strange since it was a couple’s spa thing. When we got outside, the staff member walking with me said “they’re going to get your husband now.” Ha. Even though the receptionist knew we were two women, she didn’t communicate that very well to the staff it seems. The other staff member that was supposed to be picking up PL came out the men’s spa and was kind of confused about why she couldn’t find my husband. They all laughed about it though and she found PL and then we went onto our private spa room. PL had booked something with the bizarre name of The Dreaming Ritual (every kind of massage and spa package is called some kind of ritual).

We started with a nice herbal foot soak, and we each got to choose a scent we liked. Mine ended up being relaxation and PL’s was rejuvenation. They had some incense in our chosen smell and then an exfoliating foot scrub. Then we went to the massage room and got a full-body exfoliating scrub–which actually kind of stung. Then they put a mud body mask on us and wrapped us in plastic. It made the exfoliating stuff feel a lot better though, and now PL and can say we’ve been to a spa and been covered in mud and wrapped in plastic. While we were all cocooned up, they put some kind of really incredible smelling scalp treatment on us and rubbed it in. We both love having our heads rubbed, so this was lots of fun. We then got to wash all the mud off and then got massages after that.  Oh happy day.

The whole thing was about 2 hours and we left feeling very relaxed and having very soft skin. It was lots of fun, and I wish I could have stolen one of their bathrobes.

Also in the MGM Grand hotel is CBS television city. They have a small store with CBS show shirts and mugs, but also several studios where you can preview pilot episodes of new shows and rate them. Since CBS has a bad habit of taking shows we like off the air (The Class?!), we thought it would be fun to spend an hour watching a new show–plus it was free. We went into the studio and were seated at a computer with a handheld rating device.


We were very excited since we had seen the devices during the debates. After some instructions on how to use the device, our show started. It’s a new show called Three Rivers, a medical drama set in Pittsburgh. It’s about a team of transplant surgeons and the different people who need organs and those who might become donors because of different tragic situations. Katherine Moening (Shane on the L word) was in it, and so was Julia Ormond. Other than that, the show wasn’t very good, and not original at all…and it happened in Pittsburgh. I can’t imagine what they’d do week after week, so I gave it pretty bad rating except for giving Kate Moening high ratings. I recently heard that CBS picked it up for a few episodes, so they didn’t listen to us and our bad reviews of the show.

They gave us an envelope of coupons for participating in the tv studio thing, and one of them was a buy one get one free at Haagen Das, located in the food court of the same hotel.   We got milkshakes with one of our coupons and gave the other one to someone else standing on line.

A little while later once it got dark we finally went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at our hotel.  It was pretty crowded but you can stay as long as you like so the crowd got smaller after a while.  We watched 2 of the Bellagio fountain shows from the Eiffel tower, and saw really great views of the strip.  I actually shot a pretty cool video with my phone of the fountain show, but can’t seem to get it to inbed in the blog–I might need to put it to you tube and inbed that, but clearly since it’s taken me this long just to finish this blog, I don’t have time for that.


On Friday, our flight left in the afternoon so we didn’t have a ton of time.  We did a repeat of our first breakfast in Vegas (chocolate bacon waffles and quiche Lorraine).  We lost a little more money gambling and then caught our shuttle to the airport.  The flight back to the east coast is about an hour shorter, and the movie this time was Last Chance Harvey.  I had that on my dvd rental list, and I enjoyed it–certainly a better choice for an in-flight movie than Hotel for Dogs. 

What a great trip!