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A new sort of GPP April 7, 2009

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Julia has a blog feature called GPP–Gratuitous Pet Photo. This is of a similar sort, even taken by Julia, …except for it’s someone’s actual child, not a pet. I’m told they need a little more supervision. This was taken at a friend’s wedding this weekend–it’s me and a cute, nicely-named fellow named Atticus Abraham. He’s telling me he has a belly in this photo.



3 Responses to “A new sort of GPP”

  1. rev. mama Says:

    Holy crap. This photo is adorable. He also wins the Name Prize. GKP (Gratuitous Kid Photos) should be a regular feature here!

    Also? you might should have some (kids, that is). I think you’d do well by them. đŸ™‚

  2. Julia Says:

    I agree, GKPs sound like a good idea! I know Mandy has some gratuitously cute kids running around…

  3. Rev. Mama Says:

    I DO happen to have a couple of cherubic GCKs running around … I’m seeing a vision for a May 2 update…

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