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ATNTFTB: A Novice In Search of Bounty+ Bonus Baby Plant Update April 3, 2009

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There’s a renewed interest in gardening taking place these days, and the New York Times just published the first article in a new series on starting a vegetable garden.  The first article, today’s All the News That’s Fit to Blog, is by a Minnesota writer who, along with his daughter and girlfriend, hope to start their first garden this Summer.

It’s less of a “newsy” article and just good reading.  Here are a few enjoyable parts:  “So, in the stifling whiteness of January, I resolved to plant a brand new vegetable garden. The plan is to transform my family’s diet, save a few coins, make over the property — and, maybe, receive a congratulatory note from Michael Pollan for my new green virtue.”

He also consults a gardening expert and gets advice on what he should grow.  He wants to grow things he likes to eat, and also things that are easy to grow.  Easy to grow? The garden expert he consults tell him, “Easy is a relative term.”

He concludes:  “My garden, as it lives in my mind, is perfect: undulating and bountiful and soft underfoot. Sometime in the next week, though, the first dumb green shoot of that artichoke will grope its way out of the dirt and start screwing everything up.”

Right now my garden is also still perfect in my mind, aside from the fact that it’s not ready yet.  The baby plants are hanging tough.  They graduated from the dining room to the living room near the window.  Here’s what they look like right now–taken on April 2nd.


The tomatoes (on the top right and bottom right ) are getting stronger and a few peppers (in the middle right) are finally starting to sprout.  The Brussels sprouts and broccoli (middle left and bottom left) are pretty tall but kind of weak looking and flopped over.

Since the last set of photos, I had to thin out each pot to just leave the strongest plant.  The logic there is that not every seed will sprout, so you plant 2-3 in each pot and then keep the weakest one.  I didn’t like doing that, since it seemed like such a waste of good plants, so I think in the future I’ll just put one seed in each pot and not worry about it if some don’t sprout.  On the top left section of plants there wasn’t anything planted so when I thinned out the seedlings to leave just the strongest in each pot, I just left everything there–so that explains what’s going on up there if it looks strange on the photo.

The next step will be to transplant them to their own bigger pot when they develop 2 sets of real leaves. Right now everything just has a matched set of tiny baby leaves.  The leaves there now are just the seed leaves. Everything that has has sprouted so far comes from seeds that are dicots (remember AP biology?) so there are 2 leaves at first. Something like corn is a monocot and will just have one leaf when it sprouts.


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