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A Raise? March 31, 2009

Filed under: finances — Katie @ 9:25 am

No actually. I didn’t get a raise. No one in my office is getting a raise this year, and even our retirement plan match was cut to keep us afloat. Fun times. I’m so not feeling like I should be a martyr by staying with an organization any more just to help keep it going in a tough time. But no one else seems to really be wanting to hire me so I take the liberty to hit snooze now and again and have mysterious Friday afternoon meetings at 3pm–out of the office of course.

But on my last paycheck on March 15th, and again in the pending bank direct deposit for tomorrow’s paycheck, I have $20 extra bucks or so. It’s a tax cut. Thanks federal government. That $40 is sure saving my family from foreclosure. Sadly enough for the size of my non-profit paycheck (see above re: martyr) $40 a month is a 1.7% yearly raise. So very very sad but that’s true.


4 Responses to “A Raise?”

  1. Julia Says:

    Almost 2 percent! Robert and I will be pulling in an extra $74 a month. woo hoo! Though that is enough to pay extra some credit cards. Or blow it all on eating out.

  2. Katie Says:

    yeah-let’s just all be honest and admit it will probably go towards eating out. Like Friday-we went to Twain’s and had drinks and then to the…wait for it…Brickstore…to eat. Like we had to go to 2 different places to do that. Go figure. That pretty much spent our tax cut right there.

  3. Julia Says:

    haha! Yes, I think ours already went to eating out at Coyotes on Sunday and splitting a larger margarita. If only eating out didn’t taste so good…

  4. You know, if only everybody knew the truth about how much power small ideas have to change our circumstances, even during a recession!

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