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ATNTFTB: After a Memorable Shot, a Final One for Maryland Seniors March 30, 2009

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I generally try to not inflict my love of college basketball onto unsuspecting friends, but this article, and the game it’s referencing, were too good not to share.

While I don’t like the Maryland men’s basketball team, I do like their women’s team (maybe because we went to some home games while we lived in Maryland and they were fun to watch, even though we cheered for the other team they were playing-Georgia Tech and Duke). We were living just down the road from them in 2006 when they won the national championship–beating Duke with an insane last second 3 pointer. It was a team with lots of young players and a young coach. Those young players are now seniors and still some of the best players out there.

On Saturday Maryland was in a tournament game against Vanderbilt. In the early minutes of the game it was 12-2 (not Maryland), then 14-4 (still not Maryland), and then by the half they were down 18. That’s about the point I went to finish up some house cleaning and take a shower. In the second half they inched closer–almost all thanks to one single player. She scored point after point, jumped higher than anyone else on every rebound. It was as if she was willing her team to win and found extra energy and talent to force it to happen. She finished with 42 points, a career high to say the least.

Whether you like sports or not, it was cool to see someone that determined to succeed that they did so by sheer force of will and effort. It made me feel tired and lazy just to watch.


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