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ATNTFTB: New Political Study Center? Turn Right at Berkeley March 26, 2009

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When we lived in the hippie haven of Takoma Park, Maryland it was affectionately known as the Berkeley of the East. It has signs designating it as a nuclear free zone, the city council passed a resolution in solidarity with Tibet and when Michael Steele, our then Lt. Gov now the RNC Chair marched in the July 4th parade, he was booed for miles.

This article in today’s New York Times, combined with another recent Berkeley discovery of mine, makes me wonder what’s up in Berkeley these days. Berkeley: the Cobb County of the West Cost?

The University of California at Berkley is opening the Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements. I suppose right-wing politics is a bit understudied, and academics tend to be a fairly liberal bunch. It’s just fairly incongruous, and amusing, that this will be at Berkeley–where students in the 60s…um, did lots of things that weren’t so right wing.

I learned something else strange about Berkeley recently. In the Bush Administration’s dealings with torture, a man named John Yoo was one of the attorney’s in the US Office of Legal Counsel that wrote memos claiming the possible legality of torture. While PL is the law student in the family, it doesn’t take an expert to know that taking something illegal (i.e. torture) and then writing a memo to try to make it legal, doesn’t really make it legal. After hearing about John Yoo several times, and hearing that he’s a law professor made PL and I gasp, “Where does he teach law? Constitutional Law with him must not teach you much about the Constitution!”

So, where does he teach law? Berkeley. He is on leave at least, and teaching somewhere in Orange County, which is probably a better fit.


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