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Don’t Mind Me…I’m Invisible March 25, 2009

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As a blogger lately, that pretty much sums it up.

That said, I was actually referring to this little guy:


Our ottoman seems to be about 6 inches shorter than our dog, but only 3 inches if you split the difference and stick out both sides.


3 Responses to “Don’t Mind Me…I’m Invisible”

  1. Julia Says:

    Ottoman Gremlin!

  2. Katie Says:

    See I didn’t think that met our definition of ottoman gremlins. They usually hide under there and pounce! Like how Oliver is a deck gremlin–he’s too big and clumsy to get under the ottoman though, so this is clearly O’Malley.

  3. Julia Says:

    Well he’s clearly trying to hide…and how weird is it that I knew that was O’Malley and not Oliver?

    That has got to be the cutest photo EVAR. It might have to become a GPP.

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