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Weekend O’Laziness March 9, 2009

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PL is officially on Spring Break this week, and she went into it with a bang by pulling an all-nighter on Thursday. Friday afternoon she took a nap and I did some yardwork (and got nasty blisters and a pulled hamstring). Later Robert and Julia brought over their dogs plus their new visitor Izzie for dinner. Izzie is a great sous chef and was thoughful enough to bring over Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes from Southern Sweets Bakery.



On Saturday we slept until 11am (pure bliss!) and then went to Decatur to walk around–we parked illegally at the library and walked through the square and down (up?) East Ponce all the way past Thumbs Up, Dancing Goat, and Watershed to the post office and then turned around and came back. We ate lunch outside with the dogs at Raging Burrito and then walked through the Decatur Cemetery. I’ve wanted to walk around there for a while and man that place is big-and hilly-I had no idea.


After arriving home with our skin warm from the sun and with the dogs tired from so much walking on their short legs, we all piled onto the bed together–just to snuggle for a minute or two.  Two hours later we woke up.


On Sunday after the time change we both felt like we had been drugged but went to Sunday Scho128ol and church anyway and then went to Ikea. When we got home PL went back to more napping, and I did some small projects in the yard that don’t require a working hamstring.  Those projects mainly involved filling up the bird feeder and looking at crocuses and daffodils.  When it finally was dark, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was just the right kind of stupid and funny movie for our mood.

That’s our weekend in review–no laundry done, no dog hair vacuumed, no meals planned, no groceries bought.


3 Responses to “Weekend O’Laziness”

  1. rev. mama Says:

    We watched “Sarah Marshall” Sunday night, too! It must be the unofficial Decatur-ish-ite-St.-Mark-Attending way to finalize a spring weekend. I sort of loved it.

  2. Katie Says:

    Yeah-we sort of loved it too and were in the right mood for it–the opera? Brilliant! I love Jason Segal even though he needs to wear pants and I actually love the whole Judd Apatow cult that seems to be happening.

  3. rev. mama Says:

    I am completely okay with everything that Judd Apatow and all of his buddies are doing. I think I’m also sort of in love with the rockstar by day/stand up comedian by night guy (Russel Brand). I so wanted to hate him, but Peter is right… he’s so *cool.*

    Superbad might have changed my life in a small, but very critical way. I also know that I’ll be raising tiny boys into teenagers. For that purpose alone, it was very insightful.

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