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Happy 1st Year of the Good Life O’Malley March 6, 2009

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So in the busy week of snow and work and school, we forgot that on March 1st last year, O’Malley came to live with us.

So one year ago: We wanted a fluffy small dog. We wanted a girl dog. In like 3 months. When we would have time to get a fence. Clearly, things happened a bit differently than that. I think I’ve already posted about PL visiting the shelter just to check out the dogs, seeing a fluffy calm girl dog who wasn’t a girl dog and was only calm from being neutered that day. I was an instant goner as well though.

Here’s O’Malley (with a lot of hair!) making himself at home right after we got him:


I think we’ve done remarkably well as dog parents this year–O’Malley is ridiculously cute and goofy and smart–I mean, the dog’s favorite way to sit is with his legs behind him like a frog. I somehow turned out to be way more of a pushover parent than PL which surprised both of us I think. He’s also hopelessly devoted to PL, which–since she doesn’t really read my blog often–actually makes me smile even though I act like I’m jealous.

Here’s one of my favorite photos of O’Malley having fun on vacation:


Ok, that’s all I’m going to say about O’Malley. He rocks and he makes us happy, but we try not to be those dog people that think their dogs are children–although arguably those people are better off with dogs since dogs don’t usually need as much therapy as any actual children they have would.


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  1. […] coming home to live with us. When O’Malley had been with us a year, last March 1st, I made a little blog post in his honor. So to be fair, I should also commemorate in a small way Oliver’s time with us […]

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