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Still breathing March 4, 2009

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For the few people that read my blog, you might have noticed there’s been no recent All the News That’s Fit To Blog, no sarcastic remarks and no shared recipes. I did post some snow pictures, but that was because my dogs were just so gosh darn cute playing in the snow and I was procrastinating. It’s been a busy week and the light at the end of the tunnel is still the cliched freight train.

On March 15th we have a giant fundraiser at work and I’m in charge of the whole shebang (buy tickets!). Also today I finally finished up a beast of a federal grant. I worked 8+ hours writing it on Sunday, and then spent my entire day yesterday revising it and pulling together all of the attachments. Today, we had a fun non-profit technology fail that resulted in not having a working scanner right when I needed to scan mandatory documents for the grant that will keep us out of jail. I rushed home and my scanner at home wasn’t working either since it felt left out of the fun. Robert and Julia came to my rescue when I once again called for help and I went to their office and Robert scanned it for me (how many beers do I owe them now?).

PL also has the final draft of her brief (a law school work for a nightmare of a paper) due on Friday at 8:15am, so she’s AWOL as well. Our picture could be on the front page of the NY Times and we wouldn’t even know about it this week. Hopefully someone would call us if we were facing a major natural disaster.

Here’s an update while I wait on to slowly upload all of my grant info:

Monday–My office was closed for the snow (this is why I moved back to Atlanta–there was no good reason not to be at work but I didn’t have to go and that made me happy). In another fun technology fail our entire office’s phone system and e-mail system went down as well. I went back to sleep until 11am and then worked at home but with limited effort and success since I had no work email. I also made this in the Crock Pot. Then we went to a really lovely meeting of our new St. Mark at Home group and shared some refreshments and our new favorite but elegant and easy dessert (recipe: store-bought dark chocolate shells filled with homemade whipped cream and topped with a blackberry).

Tuesday–I worked a full day, talked on the phone with work the second I walked in the door at home, tried to shave expenses from the grant budget ($300,000 seems like a lot of money but really isn’t) while cooking dinner and then did more work while dinner was in the oven. We did squeeze in a run though: 8 minutes running, 5 minutes walking, 8 minutes running and it felt surprisingly awesome to be outside and away from work/school. I actually feel like a runner for once since my instinct when stressed was to not to miss our run rather than eating McDonalds). Finally towards the end of the evening I got to relax and watch a bit of Duke basketball and the come from behind victory.

Wednesday–I made coffee. And drank it. Then had even more caffeine. And dug through my desk looking for Advil Sinus. And dealt with the non-profit technology fail. And a really slow government website.


2 Responses to “Still breathing”

  1. Julia Says:

    I did notice the lack of blogging. It lead to obsessive refreshing while I was at work.

    And I’d say you owe Robert a beer more than me. I mainly just yelled at the dogs and then fell on my ass while you were there. Hard work? Yes. Helped you out? Not so much.

  2. Steven Says:

    For food blogging, I saw this and was scared.
    Your serving size entry made me think of you when I saw this:

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