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Snow Day in Atlanta March 1, 2009

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Since Thursday I had been hearing it was going to snow in Atlanta on Sunday. PL was heading out of town for a conference in Athens, GA this weekend and asked me to check the weather. I said, “Friday and Saturday will be a lot like today and Sunday it’s going to snow.” She thought I just made that up to see if she was paying attention. I continued to doubt the forecast of snow, especially when it was 62 degrees yesterday. Since I was avoiding a work project, I decided to do our weekly Sunday meal planning and grocery shopping on Saturday, but the chance of snow was the furthest thing from my mind when I made that decision. 0121As proof that procrastination and not fear of snow was my motive, I also organized our messy stack of hand and bath towels and put them into color coordinated neat stacks, made bread, made crock pot soup and cleaned out the refrigerator. Oh, and made a pie for PL’s return.


But sure enough, at a little before 11am as we were wrapping up Sunday school class, we all noticed at the same time it was snowing. After Sunday school we were hanging out in the toddler nursery at church, bathing a stuffed lion named Al, bowling with a beach ball and cooking imaginary food while eating real cheese Chex mix, we decided to bundle up the the kids and take them outside in the snow. I suspect that the 3 grown ups were the ones who really wanted to go out in the snow, but the kids went along with it. After going outside and seeing the snow, the kids exclaimed in unison, “Merry Christmas!”027

After a slow but safe drive home, we let our dogs out to play in the snow. Oliver took the pounce and lay on the ground approach and O’Malley decided to eat the snow. This is the most snow I remember in Atlanta, and it snowed in big clumps of flakes until 6pm or so. While living through 3 winters in DC, I started to really hate the snow. It was always pretty coming down but then nothing got canceled and the roads were gross and you had to go out anyway. Since I pretty much have to finish my work project tonight whether work is closed tomorrow or not, it’s less exciting that I might get to stay home tomorrow. In the meantime, it was a fun snow day in Atlanta.



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