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ATNTFTB: When It Comes to Detergents, What’s the Least Irresponsible Choice? February 26, 2009

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This morning we finished up a Costo/Sam’s club sized container of automatic dishwasher liquid–it’s all full of chlorine and lots of other bad things–but it’s cheap. Then I didn’t recycle it because even now, 14 hours later, I would probably still be rinsing it out. So, with a little shame, I saw this article in a new Times feature called Green Home.


This article is an interview with the head honcho for the EPA’s Design for the Environment division. This part of the EPA identifies the safest products on the market after the makers submit a list of ingredients.

This article is noteworthy because I learned more about different products that I buy and with real knowledge in hand–not just the claims on the packaging–I might make better choices, although I still don’t want to be sold Amway products.

Better yet, I also found this article to be fantastic because the interview is a classic example in a government bureaucrat being so vague and unhelpful in answering questions that it’s hilarious.


2 Responses to “ATNTFTB: When It Comes to Detergents, What’s the Least Irresponsible Choice?”

  1. Julia Says:

    oooo! how big was that container and do you still have it? I meant to ask this the other night at dinner, but Nell needs some big bulky packaging for an art performance. We’re giving her an empty cat food bag and I didn’t know if you guys had anything like that or detergent boxes, etc?

  2. Katie Says:

    No we don’t, today was trash day-now I feel even worse about not recycling. I’ll see if we have anything else.

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