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Love, Wheat Love February 16, 2009

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PL and I continued the trend of foiled Valentine’s Day plans again this year. First, I went to a funeral, in the rain, and then ate delicious Southern food made by Baptist church ladies and drove 4 hours back to Atlanta. PL and I decided to go out for a quiet dinner together once I got back home. We wanted to try out the recently renovated Thumbs Up Diner in Downtown Decatur. We had our first date at Crescent Moon, which used to be in that location (awww). Over the years we watched with horror as a new owner put up mirrors and linoleum tile on the walls and changed the menu. It became a Thumbs Up recently and while the decor didn’t go back to the original look (it might actually be nicer, not that we got to go inside as you will soon see), it no longer looks like a mob run hangout. It turns out they don’t serve dinner though, not even breakfast for dinner which is really the point of even having a diner.

We wandered around downtown Decatur for a while, realizing that 8pm on Valentine’s Day is not a great time to try to get into a restaurant. We ended up at a new spot on the square, Zucca, since there wasn’t a wait. It’s where Zocalo’s used to be if you’re a Decaturite, and it’s only been open about 3 weeks. Both the food and service were very good, and they have a variety of bar foods, pizzas, sandwiches, calzones and nicer Italian fare. We went for the nicer fare since it was Valentine’s Day and I had also just been to visit my parents–that means I had more money than usual. My parents won’t let me visit them without quietly slipping me cash before I leave. PL also usually has cash mysteriously appear in her wallet as well when she goes with me.

The restaurant is also open until 3-4am most days, which is a nice addition for Decatur. Full Disclosure: We’re usually asleep well before 11pm but you know, this one time we stayed up late and needed to eat and couldn’t find anything open so we complain how nothing is open late in Decatur. Zucca is quieter than the Brickstore next door and has more privacy since they have booths with tall backs instead of tiny tables crammed side by side. Each table also had it’s own little tv that you can control, so we’ll definitely hit it up again during March Madness when it’s more widely recognized to be romantic to watch basketball on a date than it is on Valentine’s Day.

PL succeeded in having the quote of the day, if not the month, while we were eating. I was drinking a seasonal Sam Adams beer and PL, who still doesn’t like beer, had a sip just in case she maybe just hasn’t found a beer she likes. Some wine and beer connoisseurs will describe the taste of a drink in reference to other foods–a hint of strawberry and apple overtones, for example. To PL, my beer tasted like “you took a beer and poured it over a giant bowl of Wheaties.” She makes me laugh.

Even better is that I just went to the Sam Adams website to see which beer was their seasonal beer on tap right now. It’s the White Ale, a beer which is an unfiltered wheat ale–whatever that means. The taste of the Sam Adams White Ale is described as, wait for it…”a crisp malty cereal finish.” So, PL is not only funny, she’s also quite the beer taster, even if not a beer drinker. I, on the other hand, will literally drink anything, and not really get what’s good and what’s bad. Just for future reference, Budweiser and Orange Juice mixed together is not at all like a mimosa, even at 3am when you are in college.


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