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Day 10:The Sweet Smell of Semantics February 13, 2009

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Times featured an illustrated slide show of flowers and their meaning. It’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek approach though, so don’t worry that it will get too mushy. The articles premise is that for centuries, flowers have carried coded messages. They add, “But the rules of love have shifted, and our floriography needs modernizing as well.”

Check out the slide show.

According to Facebook status messages today (the real source of my newsgathering, the New York Times is just a front) many girlfriends/wives received flowers at work today, clearly because if they got flowers on Saturday–when it’s actually Valentine’s Day–other people wouldn’t know they got flowers. I think these guys (or gals) who sent flowers today are very smart and will go far in life. There is also a large contingent of the “Love sucks. Valentine’s Day is a scam” variety. Does anyone actually buy that? Then there’s the “Our love is deeper than some commercial holiday. We don’t need presents to show each other how much we love each other. We do that everyday.” These are the couples that claim they never fight, but you secretly suspect they fight all the time at home.

PL and I don’t make much of a fuss about Valentine’s Day. We typically get each other a small gift, mostly because we like to occasionally buy things for each other and a holiday gives us an excuse to spend money on something we don’t really need. Last year I got her a cool wallet, and neither of us can remember what she got me. Last year we also planned to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and arrived to find out it went out of business. The year before I had my wisdom teeth taken out on the 13th, so I spent Valentine’s Day on the couch high on Vicodin. PL probably spent it making pudding for me and wishing that she had broken up with me the first time I had a cold while we were together and gave her an indication of what a joy I would be when I don’t feel well. We also tend to not like the colors red and pink, so an entire holiday devoted to red and pink things just doesn’t speak to us. It’s actually refreshing (and atypically uncynical for us) that we neither scorn nor embrace Valentine’s Day. We just don’t really think about it much. Or at least saying that should get me off the hook for not getting PL a card, but at least I’m not on Vicodin this year.


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