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Blog Worthy February 13, 2009

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Is this blog worthy?  I think so, so please indulge me.  Over dinner tonight, my dad finally confessed that he voted for Barack Obama.  My dad.  The man who voted for the George Bushes, all of them, every time.  And Ronald Reagan.  And Gerald Ford, even though Jimmy Carter was his governor.  My parents had their wedding rehearsal dinner at the Pickrick, Lester Maddox’s restaurant in Atlanta—look him up, I promise you’ll be amused by racist tales of yet another fine Georgia politician.

My dad and I don’t agree on foreign policy or national security at all–although now that Iraq and Afghanistan have turned into major boondoggles, he’s coming around to where I’ve been since 2001.  That pretty much makes me look like not so much a crazy liberal idealistic child anymore doesn’t it?  My mom said I would be proud of something my dad did.  I looked across the table and said, “You voted for Barack Obama didn’t you?”  He sort of grinned and nodded his head.  I am proud.  It’s a big deal, and also hard work on my part, even if he made up his own mind.  I started to work on my parents as an unpaid Obama campaign staffer way before the primaries even took place.  We shared a disdain of Hillary Clinton (I’m sorry, it’s true), and shared a respect for John McCain–a respect that died once the campaign really started to take shape.  It’s quite controversial and shameful to PL when I say that in 2004, maybe even in 2007, I would have voted for John McCain over Hillary Clinton.  In mid-October, when my parents and I saw each other for the last time before the election, I talked about Sarah Palin with them.  A lot. Man, that Sarah Palin, how about that VP pick? She, along with John McCain’s old and infirm appearance probably pushed him over the edge.  In an ICU waiting room, I said, “You know Daddy, John McCain could die in office and Sarah Palin would be our President.”  Death is real and scary in an ICU waiting room, and Sarah Palin as President was also real and scary.

As my grandmother had heart surgery and reached the end of her life, she told me a racist joke about Barack Obama.  Emily Post never taught me how to properly respond to an offensively racist joke told by your dying grandmother in the ICU.  Since she died about 2 weeks before the election and didn’t get her chance to vote against Barack Obama, I thought that my dad– a truly fine and dutiful son–might have voted for McCain since his mother didn’t get a chance.  But he didn’t.  He probably won’t ever tell me exactly what helped him make up his mind, but I’m proud of him.


6 Responses to “Blog Worthy”

  1. Jonathan Simeone Says:

    Katie, I really liked your post; in fact, it was nice to see another liberal person blogging. It seems as if most of the blogs are written by people right of center.

    While I liked John McCain very much in 2000 I could have never voted for him once Bush won that election. To me, McCain, or any Republican for that matter, was dangerous because of what they would do to the Supreme Court. And since Bush wound up giving us Roberts and Alito–we now know how dangerous that can be.

  2. smokeybones Says:

    WOW! Great post! I am a retired Navy combat veteran, currently working for the government training I people deploying overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. But believe me when I tell you I am a proud liberal, democrat, woman’s rights, Barrack Obama voting, married 50 something guy.

    Like you I would have voted for McCain but thank goodness I didn’t have to. Jonathan you are correct my friend when you say it is hard to wade through all of the right wing, conservative blogs out there.

    LOL Katie I’M Proud for your dad! 🙂 and you to. The last 8 years have left our country and our people hurting. I hope everyone will give our President a chance! At least we have an honest, strong person in the White House.

    Again Great post and Blog!

  3. Al Says:

    Interesting post–good for your Dad!

  4. amanda Says:

    That is really blogworthy! I would be so excited if my dad voted for Obama, he is a strict party line voter.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    Usually my father is pretty vehement about voting Republican (he is only concerned about his present and future tax bills, and thinks Republicans keep his taxes low). However, this election season, he didn’t shake his head when I mentioned Obama. Either it was resignation on his part, or he realized Obama had some good qualities.
    But he still voted for McCain.

  6. smokeybones Says:

    Cheryl he may have still have voted for McCain but I think he may have in fact acknowledge some qualities in President Obama. I guess the point is we have a new President and we need to try and help him succeed instead of resist and fight his every move. Are there going to be points in time where he may stumble or even fail? Of course it will happen, at least this time we have a President that will acknowledge his mistakes, tell US about them and strive to fix them.

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