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Day 8: 10-Year-Old Spaniel Completes Comeback (Subtitle: Dog Shows = Not a Sport) February 11, 2009

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I firmly believe that blogging is ultimately an exercise in Solipsism, so what better way to practice this great art than by picking an article about something seemingly newsworthy, and turning it to a post about what I think. Awesome. In the Sports section, of today’s Times is an article about the winner of the Westminster Dog Show.

Dog Shows = Not a Sport.

I started a brief but similar discussion via a recent Facebook status message chain and suggested that spelling bees, golf, chess and bowling are not sports either. Some friends were helpful enough to add that poker and car racing and billards are also not sports. I agree on all counts. Why aren’t these fine activities sports, you might be wondering? I need to develop a set of rules I suppose, except for the fact that I might disqualify things that I actually do think are sports in order to prove my point. So, no rules. They aren’t sports because I said so, that’s why. It also has to do with sweat and effort probably, bowlers sweat because they are wearing polyester, among other reasons, not because bowling is hard (full disclosure: I hate bowling. Mostly because I suck at it. Like really suck.)

I love dogs. Especially spaniels. They are devoted and loving (i.e. clingy) and it’s great. Exactly 50% of my spaniels can give high fives and spin and lays on the ground with frog legs. The other 50% of my spaniels can sit and look at you with sad eyes and a stupid look on his face–and knows that my alarm clock sound means it’s time for him to get in bed and snuggle and get his belly rubbed. I’ve even watched dog shows before (not on ESPN since I’m morally opposed to dog shows on ESPN), and I love that this little winner’s name is Stump. But, the fact remains. Dog Shows = Not a Sport.


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