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Day 6: A New Puzzle Challenges Math Skills February 9, 2009

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Since it seems that I’m making up the rules for All the News That’s Fit to Blog as I go along, I have a new rule: weekends don’t count. I generally don’t end up posting to the blog on the weekends (I did write up our pizza making (mis)adventures on the recipe blog), so I’m going to just stick to weekdays since that’s when I’m at work and needing to waste time by reading the New York Times and blogging about it.

Today’s New York Times article is from puzzle genius Will Shortz and it is an announcement of a new type of puzzle that is now appearing in the Times each day. (If you have’t seen the movie Wordplay, about the Times crossword puzzle, I highly recommend it). The new puzzle is called KenKen, which is loosely translated “cleverness squared” and it is a numerical logic puzzle from Japan. It seems similar to Sudoku in that numbers are filled in a grid, but KenKen requires arithmetic.

I post this article as a public service and with the disclaimer that I have no intention of actually trying out this puzzle since that would just be sad. I can do Sudoku puzzles meant for 3rd graders, but that’s about the extent of my puzzle solving skills (I love jigsaw puzzles though). As a child in QUEST (what we called our gifted program at my school), I worked through all problem solving skills games very quickly and earned extra Lemmings and Oregon Trail computer time as a reward for being a super genius, but then I sucked at the logic problems we had to do.


PL loves all types of word, logic and number puzzles though, and she did Sudoku before it was called Sudoku and became popular. On car trips, I know I always have to pack pencils and a pencil sharpener for PL and her puzzle books. Sometimes we’ll do one together–there’s a few types I enjoy, and she’s willing to do the puzzle slowly with me even though she knows all the answers already. Rather than saving a picture from the article and violating several laws, here’s my favorite puzzle themed picture. It’s PL in a hotel lobby in New York city, doing Sudoku–so cute. If I remember correctly, I think we were hanging out there after we checked out of our room, resting for a little while before it was time to head home.


3 Responses to “Day 6: A New Puzzle Challenges Math Skills”

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  2. Julia Says:

    I don’t know if I can do this new puzzle. I haz no arithmetic skillz. at all.

  3. rev. mama Says:

    I say: Bring back Tangrams! I’m all about spatial reasoning puzzles. Math is for people who don’t spend all day mentally re-arranging all the rooms in their house.

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