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Smitten Mittens February 6, 2009

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strollingI truly wish I had enough free time to scour the interwebs all day looking for amusing and stupid things, but luckily, the folks at Nerve do and they were kind enough to teach us all about Smitten Mittens–mittens for 2!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what better way to prove your eternal love and devotion to one another than by wearing Smitten Mittens (PL suggests that they just be called Smittens). I just love how the phrase Smitten Mittens rolls off the tongue, and suggest that we all find creative says to use the phrase in everyday conversation.

Suggested use:  Perhaps when someone is in that brand new relationship giddy phase, one could say, “She sure is a Smitten Mitten.”

In order to actually wear Smitten Mittens I’m fairly certain you have to talk in baby talk to each other and be the disgusting PDA couple.  Don’t be that couple.  I can guarantee with 100% certainty that PL and I have never used baby talk, except to the dogs and maybe actual babies, and have only been “that PDA couple” once, that I remember–I had an unfortunate run-in with copious amounts of sangria. But at least 2 other people did way more embarrassing things than me at that party.

Knitting Smitten Mittens perhaps might be even worse than buying them since the time spent knitting is even more time spent contemplating wearing Smitten Mittens with your sweetie.smitten-mittens


One Response to “Smitten Mittens”

  1. rev. mama Says:

    I just threw up in my own mouth a little. Then thought about how to knit these.

    This is more about knitting than being smitten, though, just to clarify.

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