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Day 5: Trashing the Fridge February 6, 2009

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Technically, today’s article came out in yesterday’s paper, but I didn’t see it until today. That totally counts though since online things and print things often come out different days in the Times, and some online articles take 1-2 days to move up in popularity and become more visible.

Article for today: I certainly wouldn’t call this a trend yet, but the latest thing to do in order to reduce your environmental footprint is to get rid of your refrigerator. This article profiles 2 families–hardly a craze yet–that are living a refrigerator free life. They’ve adjusted their eating and shopping habits, keep a freezer for long-term storage and rotate frozen 2-liter bottles into a cooler as needed. In Econ 101, I learned about something called opportunity cost–the cost of the hassle of doing that is too great for me to even consider it. These folks have made it work though, and it’s quite interesting to read about.

I remember stories from my grandparents about ye olden days when people didn’t have refrigerators. My great-grandfather owned a general store and sold ice–it was brought into their small town and he kept it in saw dust and stored under the porch to keep cool, and then moved it into iceboxes in smaller pieces as they needed it. Both of my grandmothers called their refrigerator an icebox, and I also remember finding some of the old iceboxes with the separate compartment for the ice block in old abandoned houses around the farm. I’m in agreement with the folks of that generation that the refrigerator was a great invention that allowed for safer foods and a better life.

I’m willing to do many things–even some things that are less convenient and more expensive–to save energy and be more environmentally friendly–but I also know that there is cold beer in the refrigerator right now, just waiting for 5pm and homemade pizza.


2 Responses to “Day 5: Trashing the Fridge”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I read about this also but it’s been a while back. I seriously thought about it and came to the same conclusion you did. It’s just not worth it; plus, with today’s energy star rated “ice boxes” (mine still calls it that also) the energy to run them is getting lesser and lesser.

    Cold beer and homemade pizza, we’re in!

  2. Julia Says:

    Dude, I can’t live without a fridge or a microwave. Ok, I probably could, but…i don’t want to.

    I should actually go read that article now. And I’m jealous. We have no beer.

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