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Day 4: Sometimes One Man Can Live Two Lives February 5, 2009

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Day 4: I’m loving picking an article for All the News That’s Fit to Blog each day. Today was a fun news day:

So many choices! I picked a book review for today though, since the topic of the book is so baffling and intriguing to me. Reader’s Digest scooped the Times on this book review, I’m a bit saddened to say. I read a short review of this book in the January Reader’s Digest in the car over MLK weekend while we were driving up to Durham, NC. And, yes, my freakish mepassing-strange-190mory that allows me to remember the exact moment I read it does scare me sometimes.

I’m very intrigued by this book, a work of non-fiction, unraveling the life of Clarence King, a moderately well-known 19th century explorer and scientist. Mr. King was a blond-haired, blue-eyed man who lived a life in (white) high-society that his fame afforded him. Yet he also went by the name Clarence Todd, married a former slave 19 years his junior, and successfully lived a dual life as an African American.

The article’s goes on to say that the book, “offers a fine, mesmerizing account of how one extremely secretive man, “acting from a complicated mix of loyalty and self-interest, reckless desire and social conservatism,” could encapsulate his country’s shifting ideas about race in the course of one family’s anything but black-and-white history.”


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