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Day 1: Google Earth Fills Its Watery Gaps February 2, 2009

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The article I picked from Monday’s New York Times for my All the News That’s Fit to Blog feature is Google Earth Fills Its Watery Gaps .

Since Google Earth was officially released two years ago, the parts of the world covered by oceans appeared as blue blobs on the maps. Google expertly programmed in the landscape for everything above sea level–mountains, cities, ice sheets, even the plains. There was, it seems, an arbitrary decision to not go below sea level. (The story of how that arbitrary decision was corrected is included in the article as well).

On Monday Google Earth released simulated ocean “landscapes,” not just giving texture to the parts of the earth covered by water, but even allowing you to go beneath the water’s surface (or travel over land) as if on expedition. Another feature, Historical Imagery, takes you back through decades of satellite images (not just models) to view the erosion or costs and suburban sprawl.

All of that cool technology and the Google Maps truck still can’t make it down my street.


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