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An Open Letter to My Most Faithful Blog Reader January 30, 2009

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Since you are the most faithful of 6 blog readers (I got 20 hits yesterday! hopefully not all from me proofreading and editing after I posted), and I don’t want you to be bored at work, here’s a post for you. I’m drafting a new post. A cool one I think. But now I have to leave and get in my car and drive across town.

I’m working with some undergraduate business students at Emory in a Non-Profit Marketing Course. I have to go meet with a team of students, help them with their project, and act like a suitable mentor and professional. When really, I had the worst day ever at my job yesterday and only slept 2 hours since I was upset and stressed. In 2 weeks I have to go teach their class–I get to talk about whatever I want, for as long as I want. Watch out world.


2 Responses to “An Open Letter to My Most Faithful Blog Reader”

  1. Julia Says:

    OMGZ. I actually stopped hysterically refreshing your blog and I’m just now seeing this at home. Which I sadly just typed up as “at work.” ooookaay.

    We’ll be over soon with beer and dogs. You must then tell me you work saga.

  2. Julia Says:

    Apparently I’m also your most faithful blog commenter. Please assure PL that I’m not stalking you.

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