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BYOBike Lane January 28, 2009

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In the category of “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”…

It costs $5,000 to $50,000 per mile to make a bike lane (I’m not sure what a $50,000 bike lane would look like, but that’s what Huff Post tells me. I imagine it might be the bicycle equivalent of the locking cart escalator at Ikea). Living in a city that is not bike/pedestrian/public transit friendly, I’m not holding my breath for dedicated bike lanes anytime soon. My favorite bike lanes in Atlanta are the ones that go for a while and then stop, dumping you unprotected onto a busy street.

I’m proud of my retro looking bike, and it even has a basket now (installing it is another matter). I haven’t been too many places by bike though because I like living and not being squashed by cars on Memorial Drive. There’s a back way to the library so I rode there one Saturday, and PL was brave enough to climb the giant hill to the Wal Mart parking lot (thereby cutting through and avoiding Memorial Drive) and then pedal through Avondale Estates in search of coffee and Wi-Fi. She’s my hero. And a beast.

I have dreams of a bike friendly society (and riding with my side baskets 3.1 miles to the Farmer’s Market), and I know that if it was safer and easier to get around by bike I would be more likely to do it. A friend living in Denmark introduced me to the cool site Copenhagenize, and also the stylish Copenhagen Cycle Chic–both lots of fun to browse. At least 500,000 people ride their bike everyday in Copenhagen, and don’t need silly padded pants, bike computers, or even sun to do it.

Check this out:


Right now I barely ride my bike in the day, and certainly wouldn’t at night where I live. (The darkness is only one of the reasons, we also live in the ghetto where we hear gunshots (er, fireworks) sometimes and neighbors don’t keep their dogs inside a fence).

I’m now taking bids for one of my geeky friends to make me one of these. It appears to be a laser projection apparatus set up under the seat. My birthday is not until October 15, but Groundhog Day is right around the corner.


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