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Without Resolve January 6, 2009

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Since it was more dramatic to end the previous blog post with my surprisingly wise words about 2008, but more things happened between 12:01am on January 1st and today when I’m avoiding work by blogging, here’s another post.  So once Anderson Cooper, the drag queen in Key West they had on CNN and our little party welcomed in 2009, we went to sleep too late, and then got up too early to drive 4 hours to my parents’ house.   It was a short visit with them, but it was nice and we also got some really terrific presents from my parents–bike baskets, the new electronic Trivial Pursuit handheld game, lots of puzzles, and several serving pieces and dessert bowls that go with our everyday plate pattern.   Plus we rode around in my dad’s giant (like taller than me) brand new truck and my mom took us to Belks and bought us some clothes since we’re poor young people again. Oliver and O’Malley also love visiting my parents since they have lots of space to run and even a really muddy creek.   They had so much fun that they fell asleep less than 10 minutes after we got in the car to go home.


I’m too cynical to think that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t usually doomed to fail, but I also believe in new beginnings and fresh starts. The first day of a new year is a good cosmic benchmark, and especially by having some time off from work and school, it’s a nice time to rest and get something akin to a  do-over.  With PL in school this year the new year really is a fresh start for her.  I walked back into the office after 2 weeks and had the same projects (especially since I didn’t finish them before the holiday and didn’t care) but she had new books, new professors and lots and lots of new homework to do.  While I didn’t make any resolutions, I am trying to start the new year by getting back into better habits-like not eating 6 or 7 Christmas cookies everyday.

On Sunday we planned to get up for church but the 7am alarm was painful and we turned it off and slept until 11 and enjoyed what my friend James calls the Church of the Holy Comforter.  Then I went to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market and Kroger, we did all of our laundry, again, and then I actually packed Monday’s lunches for both of us.  On Monday afternoon we took the dogs out for a walk/jog and their craziness on the leash was a big reminder of how lazy we’ve been lately.  I read a little when we got back home, PL did more homework of course, and then I cooked dinner for us (Pork Chops with Mustard Cream Sauce, Honey Glazed Baby Carrots, and green peas–the green peas don’t have a fancy name with capital letters) and then cleaned up the kitchen and even got the next day’s lunch ready again.  It totally takes just 5 minutes to clean the dinner dishes, so who knows why I usually don’t do them until the next day.  I probably shouldn’t even mention this next part for fear of ruining my non-resolution to try to do a few short minutes of tidy work every day, but I also made our bed and cleaned the bathroom counters and mirror, all before 8pm.  Then I settled in on the couch to watch Big Bang Theory, which somehow is still on the air even though a)I love it; b)it’s wacky; c)smart; and d) funny–things which doom most other shows.

Also before 8pm (I’m not sure what I normally do in the hour between 7 and 8, but it’s certainly not usually so full or productive) I vacuumed the bathroom floor and mopped it with Nature’s Miracle before putting out our brand new bathmats.

I probably should devote another entire blog post to the Olliff-O’Connor bathmat tragedy of 2007-2009, but it involves lots of cat pee and frequent washing of bathmats and nobody wants to read about that.  The short story is that when we moved to our house it was stressful for the cat and she got an infection and peed on all of our bathmats.  She had a round of antibiotics and found lots of happy hiding places in the new house but the problem continued and our cat still expresses her feelings by peeing on our bathmats when we’re not home.  Since most bathmats have rubber backs, a cruel fact of nature is that the more you wash them the more the rubber gives off an ammonia smell of its own, which just makes the cat want to pee on it even more.  So, the cat is going to the vet again and I found cheap but nice (yay Anna’s Linens and for working in the ghetto near Anna’s Linens) rubber-free bathmats and took a chance on a pattern and a color without PL there–a feat so nerve wracking I almost bought 3 different colors for her to choose from and then returned what she didn’t like.  But, I trusted my queer eye for decorating, picked the ones I thought would look great in the bathroom even though they aren’t colors we usually pick, and she loved the ones I brought home.  A lesson for all of us I think.


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