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Reason 17,985 I Love PL December 22, 2008

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Me: So what did you think about the email I forwarded you today?
PL: The one from your cousin about the breakfast thing?
Me: Yeah
PL: {Silence}
Me: Is there a non-tacky way to turn down an invitation from a family member to serve breakfast to the homeless at 7am on Christmas morning?
PL: Nope.
Me: Yeah, I didn’t think so, but I really want to sleep in.
PL: Me too.
Me: {Sigh of relief} But we’re totally going to be out REALLY late the night before for Christmas Eve church.


Pop Culture Education

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Try as I might, it takes me 3x as long as a normal person to catch up to what’s happening in pop culture. Sometimes I just miss knowing that things even exist until they’ve been around for a few years (I learned just this fall that there are tv shows out called Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Entourage). I read Rolling Stone now that we mysteriously get a free subscription, which helps some, but it mostly leaves me confused because I have such a steep learning curve and don’t understand why people are wearing skinny jeans again. Even though I’m fairly well informed on some topics, even a few pop culture related ones (I heart Zac Effron 4EVR), what perplexes me is that I’ll just totally miss some other things. Since I tend to diagnose socially awkward friends with Asberger’s Syndrome, I will also self-diagnose myself with a mild form of it, especially when it comes to pop culture.

In the self-deprecation spirit of the holiday season, here is a video illustration of a classic example of how confusing and just downright traumatic (not to mention a lot of work!) my inability to keep up with pop culture can be.

12/7–we attend a Melissa Ferrick (lesbian folk/rock) concert and she’s goofing off with the guitar singing some words like “if you like it then you better put a ring on it” and then talking about Beyonce…oh, I guess Beyonce has some song out with a catchy tune. That’s cool.

12/11-a facebook (himself a chubby-ish sassy gay man) friend posts the following video:

WTF?  I think I might be a little traumatized for life, even though he does have some serious attitude.

12/11 a little time spend on Google and You Tube leads me to this:

Oh, that’s Beyonce’s actual video. That explains why he’s wearing a leotard I guess, but not why they are. I like him better–he’s a sassy queen, even though he needs to wax his back.

A little while later….oh Justin Timberlake is doing it too. On SNL? Why is he on SNL all the time? Is that show funny again?

There are dozens and dozens more Single Ladies videos on You Tube (heavy black girls, an uber skinny gay man wearing WAY less than a leotard, even some 2 and 3 year old kids dancing, and plenty of adults who think they are the next Beyonce). Why would a 2 year old be watching Beyonce anyway?