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Help Wanted November 20, 2008

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Today I found my dream job, and I’m so quailfied. Over-qualified in fact.

Job Title: Alpha Omega
Organization: The Universe

Job Description:

The Universe, a well established nonprofit organization since 14.5 billion years ago is searching for a person to lead daily operations.

Duties Include:
– Scheduling of the planet rotations in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.
– Monitor rotation of the Earth to ensure proper weather temperatures for precipitation, heating and cooling.
– Manage sun set, sun rise and the gravitational pull of the moon.
– Must be able to control winds and produce fire, hail and other natural occurrences
– Produce a rainbow on occasions.

– At least 10 billion years of galaxy management.
– Demonstrate ability to perform all duties above.
– Multitasking is a must!

Experience Required: 10 years
Visa: Will not sponsor
Potential Page Range: 0
Travel Requirements: Speed of Light / 100%
Preferred Major: Management
Preferred Degree: Doctorate
Job Certifications: None

To Apply:
Please e-mail resume and cover letter to:

Or send hard copies to:

The Universe
Big Bang Drive
Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, 00000

No phone calls please!

The Universe is an equal opportunity employer


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