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She Went to Jared November 18, 2008

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…once, and ended up on their mailing list for all eternity.  We received their holiday (holiday = gaudy jewelry + the wedding industry) catalog in the mail and I found this gem of an ad. I’m not sure folks who already bought things at Jerad need even more wedding industry propaganda, but that’s not what this post is about since PL and I have a temporary detente on the whole marriage issue. 

If you can’t read the small print of the ad, this is what is says, “The CM-Beauty Tattoo Kit covers even the darkest tattoo for up to 16 hours.  Yet, it resists rubbing off onto your clothes.  Test it yourself.  You’ll be amazed.  Then, start shopping for that perfect wedding dress you’ve always wanted.”


This ad irritates me for several reasons, not the least of which is why did that girl get a seahorse tattoo on her arm pit?  And, didn’t she know that by getting a tattoo in a place she could show off while wearing strapless things, that it would always show, and that grandma would see her tattoo in her strapless wedding dress?

I am tattoo free (since I got my upper ear pierced my mom periodically asks if anything else is pierced or tattooed and not so subtly lets me know that my ear piercing grew on her and she’s over the shock but doesn’t approve of anything else), but my tattoo feelings range from finding them sexy to hip to the good kind of slutty to the bad kind of slutty to sleazy to downright nasty depending on the person and the tattoo.

My all time favorite tattoo–a confederate flag with the word Rednek (no c) on the back of a man’s leg–PL and I found that handsome winner at the K-Mart in Statesboro this summer. Why oh why don’t I carry my camera everywhere!


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