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Weekend Plans November 17, 2008

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Last weekend I was fighting a cold and spent most of Saturday and Sunday curled up with my laptop catching up on Eli Stone and Private Practice (and for 3 hours simultaneously watching Rachel Maddow and the awful GT football game–which baffled PL and drove her nuts even though I was in another room with the freedom to have 2 sounds on at once). That means this weekend I had quite a few things I wanted to accomplish in addition to the usual laundry, meal planning, and grocery shopping. 

Here’s what I actually did:
Friday-watched The Rachel Maddow Show podcast, napped on the couch from 6-9pm (PL did too), went to bed at 10pm.  Too tired to even eat dinner.

Saturday-massive amounts of laundry, returned my library books and picked up a new one (I made a smart decision to not ride my bike because within 100 yards of my house the sun went away, the wind picked up, and it started raining), light vacuuming and picking up things around the house, dishes, wasted time online, and watched Grey’s Anatomy from Thursday (that I taped on one of the world’s last working VCRs!).

Sunday-it was cold in the house so we didn’t get up for early church since the flannel sheets and down comforter were too nice, but we went to Sunday school, late church, picked up Bouda dome (hopefully a dog-proof cat box) at Petsmart, also found dog stockings at Petsmart, ate lunch at Chipotle, more cleaning and dishes, Farmer’s Market trip, a very cold walk/run with 2 crazy dogs, enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, watched a very bad lesbian indie movie, and helped PL organize her notes by hole punching papers and mainly letting my good organizational vibes help her out. 

Here’s what didn’t get done:

-cleaning out the gutters
-finishing the water seal on the shed (before my dad comes at Thanksgiving and fusses at me for not doing it!)
-making a giant pot of soup to put in the freezer
-getting the oil changed and (finally) getting new windshield wipers for the Mariner


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