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Wagon, Off of October 28, 2008

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The point of planning (and of Mondays too) seems to be to test your flexibility when all plans go awry. After a busy weekend, my Monday afternoon plans were to pick up a few groceries after work, begin tackling the pile of post-party dishes, cook a nutritious stir fry for dinner, pack up leftovers for lunch and settle down to watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, two of the very few shows we watch these days.

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon my cousin Pam calls and says her son Dee is in the hospital after having a bad seizure. He’s had seizures for a few years, only at school, but they’ve gotten worse lately. They moved him to Children’s Healthcare/Scottish Rite to run some tests and he was requesting visitors by name. So, I leave work early, stop to get the groceries (and a motorcross magazine for the hospital patient), go home to let the dogs out, meet PL at home, and we both leave again after a whopping 5 minutes at home.  The Dee Man was pretty out of it, probably a combination of meds and the seizure, but with one eye open he was still chatting up a storm and keeping a record of who came to visit him and who hadn’t made it there yet. We made it there around 5, thankful for light 285 traffic, but we were starving by 6. We went down to the cafeteria, scoured congealed meatloaf and brown broccoli and walked out with pizza and cheetos, baked ones at least. So much for Day 1 of Dr. Phil.

Children’s Healthcare is a seriously nice hospital though and beautifully decorated. What impressed me was that their design and services are so clearly designed for kids and their families. Instead of the normal uncomfortable hospital reclining chair the room had a futon since most parents stay over, a parent business center with computers and internet, a family game room for siblings and patients, wagons for toting kids and their stuff, and many more details that impressed me. It wouldn’t take away from the unimaginable horror of having a very sick child, but it was very thoughtfull created. Actually seeing a tiny little kiddo covered in wires and crying in a crib was pretty much enough for me to not ever ever want kids and go through what those families are going through.

We got back home around 8, just in time for our shows, and they were both repeats. Why are there repeats on just 3 weeks into the season? We did end up watch a new show we like called The Ex List online since we missed it Friday. Oh, and that show was cancelled after just 4 episodes. I am seriously bad luck for TV shows, Out of Practice, The Class…I better stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Since our lunch plans for today were to have leftovers from dinner, and we really had nothing else at all in the house, I ended up cooking at 10 pm. Stir fry seemed like too much chopping, so we’re having that tonight instead of the spaghetti squash, italian sausage, and tomato sauce (homemade!) that I cooked instead. I packed it all up in containers, walked outside in my pjs’s in 35 degree weather to pick fresh basil, put the chopped fresh basil on top, gave PL’s container an extra garnish of pretty basil leaves, and put it in our lunchboxes for today. That made the kitchen even more of a diaster so I then did as many dishes as would fit on the counter to dry and loaded up the dishwasher.

Then I went to bed where both dogs fell asleep on their dog beds–a miracle!


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