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Blog Post October 27, 2008

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So, it’s been a while. Lots of stuff happening. Some sadness. Some comfort in sadness. More profound thoughts might come out of it later, but for now I’m more in the solitary, spending time at home mode. Blogging and Facebook don’t do it for me in regards to real emotions, call me old fashioned. Bring over a casserole and we’ll talk.

In other news:
We started back on the Dr. Phil diet plan today. I actually can’t stand to watch Dr. Phil (my parent DVR his show every day), but 4 years ago I lost about 40 pounds by following the food plan and PL lost 60 pounds. I’ve gained back 13 pounds in the past year or so, mostly the past few months by being lazy about exercise and eating way too many carbs…mmmm carbs. Poor Oliver has literally been on 3 walks since we’ve gotten him, like a month ago. And for the 3rd walk, I was cranky and napped on the couch, leaving PL alone to walk 2 crazy pups.

Whatever I think about Dr. Phil, the diet plan is really just an easy way to get organized about planning the kind of meals and snacks you need to eat…whole, unprocessed¬†foods, more vegetables, less carbs (and by less it’s really just a more appropriate amount than most of us eat). We jokingly refer to the way we both lost so much weight as the “Eat Some Goddamn Vegetables” diet plan. It starts with 2 weeks of pretty limited carbs just to get you started and detoxed from sugar and everything. It’s actually not terrible, but ask me again at 4pm–the time everyday I normally get hungry and eat lots of crackers.


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