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Dog Tired October 4, 2008

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Today was a busy Saturday. We picked up our new dog from DeKalb Animal Control this morning. They opened at 10 and I think we were there just a few minues after that since I didn’t want him to be there any longer than he had to. He was happy to see us (I had played with him twice before so I’d like to think he remembered me) and actually walked on a leash instead of laying on the ground and having to be picked up or pulled along on the floor.

After bringing the filthy mutt home, we let him play in the yard with O’Malley and brushed him a little before he came in the house. He desperately needs a bath and a haircut, but since he was just neutered he can’t get the stiches wet yet so we did the best we could with the brush, scissors and wipes. We were down to two final name choices–Berkeley and Oliver. After playing for a few minutes and trying out both names, we decided he’s definitely an Oliver.

When you get an animal from Animal Control you give up knowing about their background and personality, but he seems really good natured and easy to handle. His favorite thing to do so far is come stand in front of you to let you pat his head. He just stands there and looks at you–never jumping or lunging, just patiently waiting. He’s been pretty restless all day and can’t seem to find a good spot to nap. He seems to prefer the deck to the house and curled up in a ball next to the house to sleep, so I’m guessing he spent most of his life outdoors. He’s still skittish, but O’Malley was too at first and he settled in after a couple of weeks. Oliver ate his first raw meal like a champ, and took a walk and didn’t pull on the leash at all. He did swerve all over the road and stop every time we saw a car, so we have some practice to do.

After we played with the dogs for a couple of hours, I rode my bike to the library and back (Google told me is was 2.4 miles round trip) and I was there and back in 30 minutes, which included biking, getting my books checked out, and drinking some water. I felt quite proud of myself and wasn’t too tired at all. I do need a different bag to carry on the bike. I have an Old Navy over the shoulder messenger bag, and it kept sliding off and flopping to one side. I tightened the strap but it didn’t help. I have a backpack with 1.5 straps (O’Malley ate the other .5) and that might work a little better.

We’re having PL’s law school study group over for dinner Sunday night and the house was a wreck, so the next few hours were spent cleaning. We needed to do more serious cleaning too and we changed the AC/heat filter, dusted the ceiling fans, swept the deck, and picked up a few sticks in the yard. The fun part was putting out some Fall decorations. Then I went to the Toco Hills Kroger for chicken since one of the study group members is Jewish and keeps kosher. I love going to that Kroger since everyone who works there is so nice and they have a Rabbi on staff who he helps unload your cart when he has free time (although not today since it’s Saturday). I stopped by the Farmer’s Market (at 4pm on a Saturday, and lived to tell about it) on the way home to get our produce. I also got lots of cute decorative pumpkins and lined them up in a row on a shelf when I got home. I realized later that the chicken was kosher, but the chicken broth for another part of the recipe isn’t so I have to figure that out tomorrow. It’s Organic, Low Sodium, Non-Fat chicken broth, so I seriously think they could have just called in a rabbi after they went to all that trouble.

We took both dogs on a run/walk. 10 minute warm up. 10 minutes jogging. 3 minutes walking. 10 minutes jogging. And then another 5-10 back to the house for cool down. Oliver was just neutered so he needs to take it easy, but he made really sad eyes at us and stuck his head through the gate when we left with O’Malley, so we brought him too. He seemed to have fun and the boys are so cute when they walk side by side.

Then I made tacos for dinner, and wondered why we don’t eat tacos more often. I cleaned up the kitchen and tried to convince Oliver he doesn’t have to sleep on the deck. I’m fully prepared to wake up many times during the night while he’s being restless and nervous in a new place. He has a great dog bed and tons of toys and just doesn’t know how lucky he is yet. Now I’m totally wiped out, but happy and having a great weekend.


2 Responses to “Dog Tired”

  1. Julia Says:

    How has Oliver been settling in? I can’t get over how freakin’ cute he is!

  2. Katie Says:

    Oliver is so awesome. He’s very mellow but loves attention. He and O’Malley are still establishing the pecking order which is funny to watch, but they get along very well. Also, Oliver knows to pee outside and he sleeps on his dog bed. We’re like the dog whisperers.

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