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Friday Dog Blogging October 3, 2008

Filed under: family,pets — Katie @ 8:55 am

A blog I regularly read, Peacebang, written by a friend of a friend, usually features a blog post about her pets on Fridays. Since this is the last day O’Malley will be an only dog, I thought I would give him some blog space to get all the attention.

In just 7 months, we’ve all adjusted to each other and have an easy and happy daily routine.  I’m a little nervous that having a second pup will change all that, but I suspect that the new dog’s routine will mostly involve napping so we’ll probably be fine. 

O’Malley is definitely a creature of habit, and it’s fun to watch how he learns and adjusts to new things.  In the mornings, he leaps out of bed and heads into the bathroom the second my alarm clock goes off, as if he too needs to get dressed and ready for a day of work.  In the evenings he sometimes disappears (never a good thing, especially with a cat and a litter box) and we often find him on the bed, letting us know he’s tired and we’re up too late.

His other favorite activity is to sun himself in the yard, in whatever spot is the sunniest right then.  Since we put the garden in the sunniest area, that’s usually where he is and he looks like he’s guarding it. He’s totally useless at chasing squirrels though, and doesn’t even acknowledge them or move a muscle in pursuit of them.


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