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It’s a Boy! September 30, 2008

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We are proud to announce that about 3 years ago, before we lived in Atlanta again, before we bought a house, and before O’Malley was born, became a stray, and ended up at our house….another really cute dog was born. Fast forward 3 years, and he ended up a stray and at the same shelter as O’Malley. Do you see where this is headed?

As a preface to what’s coming next, I want to say that we absolutely adore O’Malley and he’s the perfect dog for us. We started thinking about getting a dog last February. We were thinking that by June we’d be ready for all that a dog entails (lots of vet bills, late night potty trips, potential furniture soiling and destruction) and would have the time to fence in the yard. We wanted a girl dog. We wanted a really small dog. We wanted a dog that was friendly and lively, but one that did not need a ton of exercise. And I probably don’t even need to mention that we didn’t want a dog to sleep in our bed.

While we were still in the planning stages, we went to Fulton County’s shelter one night, a Thursday to be exact, (for research of course) and we met this scared, shaking, tiny dog whose fur was matted, and put our name on the list for her. Someone else was in line before us and adopted her. We have enough to handle with a scared, matted, neurotic cat, so it’s probably good we didn’t get her.

Just because it was close to the house, PL went to DeKalb Animal Control the next day (Friday) while I was at work. While all of the giant pitt/lab mixes were barking and jumping, she saw this fluffy dog curled up in “her” kennel. She asked to take the dog outside to play. I’m unclear of all of the details, but at some point PL realized she wasn’t a girl dog at all. She somehow convinced me to go look at the stupid boy dog the first thing the next morning.

I fell in love immediately. We didn’t know a darn thing about him other than that he seemed to have fun running around the yard and he was cute. Oh, and that he had been neutered the very morning PL met him for the first time, which probably explained the calm.

We thought we weren’t ready for a dog and wanted time to prepare and plan–instead we just did what felt right and ended up with an amazing dog. With dogs, houses, cars, and now bikes, I tend to do obsessive research, looking at tons of pictures and websites, and then act with lightening speed as if I never did the research at all. O’Malley turned out to not need any assistance with house training, and although he’s bigger and more hyper than we thought we wanted, and also a boy, he’s amazingly cute, goofy and well-behaved…oh, and he sleeps in the bed.

Almost 7 months to the day later (O’Malley came home on March 1)…

I log into Myspace for the first time in ages, and see that DeKalb Animal Control (who has a myspace page) posted pictures of new dogs. I like looking at pictures of dogs up for adoption, especially the funny looking ones of indeterminate heritage–if they happen to have 3 legs, I’m a goner. As I flip through the photos, I see a dog that looks so much like O’Malley I can’t believe it. It’s his long lost twin brother, except that kind of twins who aren’t the same age. Maybe it’s his dad! I email the picture to PL. I sent it to another friend too, who agrees the resemblance is uncanny. PL gets home, and says that yes, he’s cute and looks like O’Malley, but that we can’t get another dog.

The next day, I look at the dog’s picture again, this time on Petfinder, and they describe him as being calm-very calm-and a sweet boy. I do my best to convince PL that O’Malley is lonely during the day and that we can afford it. She’s halfway buying it. I start a facebook lobbying campaign and put something about the dog on my status and post his picture for the world to see. I promise that we can train him to sleep on a dog bed and not with us.

While PL is working, O’Malley and I go to meet the dog. They get along beautifully–they play, but not so much that we can’t get O’Malley to focus on anything else, like he sometimes is around other dogs…ahem, Keira. And they look adorable together. O’Malley looks like a bleached version of the other dog who is more cream than white (although some of it is probably dirt). The other dog is slightly taller and a wee bit longer, but they are a matched set. When PL comes home, and before she’s even in the door all the way, I tell her that I had to confess to something I did while she was gone. She puts her stuff down and goes into the family room to see if I got the dog. So little trust! I wouldn’t actually bring home a dog without full family agreement (except for the cat, she votes a resounding NO but we get veto power over her). I only put my name on a list, no commitment involved, just in case he was going to be put down. Seriously, that’s what they said! No pressure. She agrees to go meet him, but the shelter was already closed for the day and is also closed on Sundays.

We think of potential names. We decided naming a dog O’Reiley or O’Brien would be so cute it’s embarrasing and disgusting. We did our best to come up with pretentious names, like those that end in “ton.” Since this dog is a lazy bum, we also thought of names that sound like a good-natured, but lazy old man since that best describes this dog’s personality. We like the “O” theme but aren’t tied to it.

On Monday PL has class all day and won’t get done until after the shelter closes for the day. I assure her that if she meets him and doesn’t think he’s the right dog for us, we don’t have to get him. Nice touch, I thought. I continued the lobbying campaign anyway, and emailed her a list of names:


That brings us to today. We plan to meet at 11am (it’s close enough for me to leave work for a bit) to meet the dog as a family. The dogs run and play, tails wagging at exactly the same rate. O’Malley picks up a stick. The other dog, hesistant at first, finds another stick and looks pleased with his efforts. O’Malley runs off to smell something. The other dog comes and sits in front of us (he sits, genius dog!) and wants some attention. He’s loving but not pushy. Affectionate but not slobbery.

We sign the papers. Pay the fee. Sign other forms saying we agree that we know nothing about his background or behavior and won’t hold DeKalb County liable. He goes back to his kennel and prepares to be be neutered. Now we wait 2-3 days to bring the handsome fellow home. Home, where he won’t sleep on the bed.


3 Responses to “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I think it’s WONDERFUL that you got another dog!
    I’m sure you’ll make this dog a very happy boy.
    Please don’t EVER mention your getting ANOTHER dog to Kris (my girlfriend, whom you’ve probably never met because she can’t get up for church on Sunday because she’s constantly getting up in the middle of the night to let Wall-e out and back in and she’s tired from that).
    She will want to go visit the pound and get another dog.

    Cheryl Thompson
    (Saint Mark)

  2. Katie Says:

    thanks for your support. my biggest fear is that we may have used up our cosmic allocation of dogs who don’t eat furniture and pee all over everything–just yesterday i saw a picture in the ajc of a dog sitting proudly by an arm chair with no upholstery or cushions left intact and thought how lucky i am that my dog doesn’t do stuff like that when i’m gone. i’ll let you know when the mutt has a name.

  3. Erin Says:

    I’d be making plans to purchase a bigger bed if I were you. You’re gonna need it! LOL Congratulations! Let us know when you pick a name.

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