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New Wheels September 27, 2008

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While our fellow Atlantans were waiting in long lines to get gas, PL and I invested (and by invest, I mean spent a crap load of money at Target) in alternative transportation today.  Check out my new ride, a retro looking 18 speed Schwinn:

PL got a Schwinn mountain bike since the height of this one was a little better:

Both bikes are not quite as pastel in person, but mine did come with that cool rack.  I like that it’s a little retro looking since I like the old cruiser bikes (they fit right into my black Chuck Taylor obession) and PL’s is Duke blue so she’s happy.  If you haven’t noticed, I buy green things and she buys blue things, if given a choice.

I somehow made it to adulthood without wearing a bike helmet and by jumping on trampolines with their springs exposed, but we decided we needed helmets anyway. I apparently have the same size head as a 10 year old, and the youth helmets fit me better than adult ones.  I resisted the urge to get the teenage boy helmet that said “Rock” on it and had a skull picture, but it was a hard choice.  I ended up with a light blue one with a cool graphic of birds on a wire–I would not be surprised to find fabric at Ikea that looks like my helmet.  PL got an awesome blue one with a flower graphic.

Once we went home we had to put more air in the tires (luckily I already had a pump from a flat wheelbarrow tire, so that was one less thing we had to buy).  It was about 6pm at this point, so we decided we would take a quick ride around the neighborhood.  About 2 miles later, I was laying in the grass in our front yard, gasping for breath, dripping with sweat and wondering why Atlanta is so damn hilly.  We’ve been running fairly regularly since April and going to the gym for more than a year before that, and I thought I was in halfway decent shape.  PL handled the ride a little better than I did (if there is any justice in the world, her legs will be sore tomorrow too), and I think she has a better grasp of changing gears and going uphill.

Tomorrow I will attempt to ride 1.7 miles to the library to return a book and pick up my Nicholas Sparks book (see previous post) and my Yoga for Dummies and Living Room Yoga DVDs that are waiting for me.  My plan to go to the Farmer’s Market (3.2 miles) and feel smug for carrying my organic vegetables home on a bike will have to wait until I’m in a little better shape since the trek there is a bit hilly and on busier streets.

I really hate not being good at something (shocking right?), and thought riding a bike would be a bit easier.  I rode my bike a lot when I was a kid, driving through mud and jumping off of dangerous things with the neighbor kids, but 3rd grade was 20 years ago.  I felt that age again though when I sped downhill feeling the wind on my face.


2 Responses to “New Wheels”

  1. Julia Says:

    you’re a beast! robert is going to be so jealous. so. jealous. so.

    I told him he can get a bike when we next have money (RFS check!) but that I am afraid of atlanta drivers, plus I find bike seats super uncomfortable. I think he’s sad that I have no desire to bike with him. Keira does though!

  2. Rev. Mama Says:


    Here’s my take on biking in Atlanta. With boys. Lots of them.

    I loved reading your account of biking possibilities, and I will totally go with you to the Farmer’s Market someday. I just don’t know how I’ll take home the plunder with the baby seat.

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