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The Great Library Experiment–Results Edition I September 19, 2008

Filed under: books — Katie @ 8:24 am

The Magician’s Assistant  by Ann Patchett is now ready for me at the Covington Branch (my test branch), while the Decatur Branch has nothing for me.  This book had just a few requests for it since it’s a bit older (1997) than the other books I have on hold, but I look forward to stopping by the library on the way home and starting it soon.  My first introduction to Ann Patchett was Bel Canto, which I loved.  Last Spring I read her newest book Run–also terrific, also intense.


2 Responses to “The Great Library Experiment–Results Edition I”

  1. Julia Says:

    But what if the library waiting list also references where you live, so I knows that you and PL live together and then has to pick which one of you it likes best?

    Ok, probably not. DeKalb county isn’t that fancy.

  2. redykle Says:

    A definite possibility. PL owes them $7.20 and I am a good citizen and return my books on time. I’m totally hoping the books do come to my account first so we can avoid paying that fine.

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