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Shocking and Awful, Television Edition September 17, 2008

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I have watched very little tv over the past month, but this afternoon I found myself home alone with some time to kill (no dirty dishes, a dog that already had his run, me showered after our run) and I ended up watching tv for a while.  In less than 30 minutes, I saw some crazy things.  Other people maybe already knew this stuff was out in the universe because, seriously, I am the person who saw my first ever episode of The Office yesterday (it’s funny, but you probably knew that already).

Here’s the highlights of my short venture back into pop culture.

1.  Corn syrup is good for you now.  The commercial (called Sweet Surprise from, of course, the Corn Refiners Association) features a mom pouring red punch-like juice product for the neighborhood kids.  A damn hippy liberal mom comes up and says, “wait, that has corn syrup in it.”  The other mom then drills her to come up with some kind of legitimate fact she heard saying corn syrup was bad (you know that liberal media, full of fluff and no facts), but anti-corn syrup mom stutters and can’t come up with anything.  Then she is told corn syrup is no different than sugar (not the point really) and her kids are happy to get juice with corn syrup.  The End.

2.  Next was a commercial for a show coming soon on the Fine Living Network.  We don’t get that channel, but there will be a new show called “Whatever Martha” featuring Martha Stewart’s daughter and her daughter’s friend.  From the promo, it seems that her daughter and the friend sit and watch the Martha Stewart Show and make mean comments about Martha.  She’s probably has a lot of material–can you imagine the nightmare of being Martha Stewart’s daughter and trying to plan a wedding.  I’m guessing they aren’t on good terms.

3.  Finally, there was an ad for a new prescription medicine.  In the required legal info at the end about side effects, they said, “Ask your prescriber for more information.”  Did I hallucinate this, or didn’t they all used to say “Ask your doctor?”  Sadly, doctor’s are often just reduced to prescribers (as a side note, I read a great article recently about why a doctor would rather just give your kid antibiotics than listen to you bitch and whine in their office) but it’s one of those things that is more polite not to mention.  Saying it out loud makes it true.

Thus endeth my tv watching for the day.


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