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On Gardens and Guns September 16, 2008

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Lat night at dinner PL and I and our friends had a half-serious, half-funny discussion about how we’ll work together when the new Great Depression arrives to grow vegetables in our pseudo-commune and maybe even have chickens and goats.  Our strategy is in fact the exact opposite of the folks I recently read about in the paper who want to stockpile bullets and food and only take care of “me and my own.”  So, if you want to help plow our front yard or donate a goat, let me know.   

After dinner, they shared with us a great new magazine they found at Kroger, “Garden and Gun.”  The magazine would seem by it’s title to be about those militia types that hoard food and guns but, as you will quickly discover, that is so very wrong. 

Garden and Gun is a magazine aimed at Southern rich folks who like bird dogs, plaid, those ugly-brown waxed barn coats, the non-crunchy kind of conservation (in fact you probably have to have one of those silly Ducks Unlimited stickers on your car to get a subscription), and apparently, being white.  Making fun of people is a hobby of mine, so needless to say, this is my new favorite magazine.  I’m a Georgia native who reads Southern Living religiously, but this magazine just makes me feel like poor white trash.


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