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Someday (Maybe) List September 15, 2008

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The GTD system for staying organized and productive advocates for creating a “Someday Maybe To-Do List,” essentially a to-do list for future events and things you want to accomplish.  The idea is that by creating this list is that by putting ideas and goals down on paper, the ideas will begin to germinate and one day move you to action.  That’s a little bit full of crap, but also a little helpful too.  A friend has a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days on her blog and it’s split into categories of Personal, Financial, Fun and Miscellaneous.  That’s a great idea, albeit a little intimidating.  It might be fun though to do something slightly less ambitious, so I’m going to keep a running list, and share any parts that are worth sharing.

1.  Give blood every time I’m eligible to do it.  (the next time I’m eligible is October 22nd-that is shaping up to be the busiest week ever, so it might have to wait a week since I typically go home and go to bed at 8pm when I give blood)

2.  Get a replacement social security card.  My parents lost mine when I took it to get my first driver’s license.  Not having one since then hasn’t caused problems yet, but you never know.  I’m just dreading the line I know I’ll have to wait in. 

4.  Run at least 3 days a week for 4 weeks straight. 

5.  Floss my teeth every night, except Fridays, because I don’t want to on Fridays and it’s my list.   

6.  Get a passport.

7.  Keep up with our budget spreadsheet.  It’s month 2 and we’re already slipping about entering things on a regular basis.

8.  Install quarter round in the house.  The contractor put it in some rooms, but not all.  Go figure.

9.  Learn how to install quarter round.  (or more likely, tell Daddy to bring his mitre saw and nail gun when he comes to visit and install it for us)

10.  Repaint the rec room bathroom.  Flat latex paint in a bathroom is a no no (but that’s what the contractor used) so now our wall has spots and looks trashy.

11.  Sand, putty, and paint the wall where we replaced a thermostat.  The old one was bigger and now we have a tiny and cute programmable thermostat on top of a messed up wall.

12.  Sand, putty and paint wall where I changed a towel hook to a towel bar.  Right now there’s an unattractive circle of sheetrock and a hole above the towel bar.  No one sees it but me, but I see it every morning. 

13.  Fill in the low part of front yard with dirt from the random dirt mountain in backyard.

14.  Get remaining bricks and concrete out of the backyard dirt mountain.  At some point in our house’s history, someone thought dumping crap in the backyard was the best method for getting it out of your way.

15.  Build a second garden bed. 

16.  Put netting or some kind of lid on the compost bin to keep O’Malley out of it. 

17.  Get rid of giant ugly bushes in front yard. 

18.  Successfully grow sunflowers.

19.  Keep birdfeeders filled.  Oops.  Sorry little guys.

20.  Clean gutters at times other than when we get on the roof to put up and take down Christmas lights.  (and try not to fall off the extension ladder this time, putting a giant dent in my shin)


3 Responses to “Someday (Maybe) List”

  1. Erin Says:

    101 Things isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially if you put some fun things on there. I just created my second 101 list, to post after the first one finishes in December. And for the Social Security card replacement, you can try making an appointment. It may be a few months out, but it’s better than waiting in line. Or go to a more outlying/rural county. I had my name changed in Brunswick, GA, (my home town), and the line was obviously much shorter than it would have been here.

  2. Redykle Says:

    That’s good to know. Maybe if I ever have time when I’ll visit my parents I’ll go there. Although that office has just one person working in it so it might be just as bad.

    I really like your 101 things. I do need to add some fun things, rather than random projects I may or may not ever get around to doing.

  3. Noah Saulino Says:

    Thanks a ton a lot for give these records. This is the smart choice for entertainment

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