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Emily and Amy–#7 September 15, 2008

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This Saturday I went to my 7th Indigo Girls Concert (PL went her her 6th–I had been to one before we met).  This time though, I got some crap from a couple of folks when they found out I was going, as in, an “Oh please, you are such a typical lesbian going to see the Indigo Girls-that’s so lame.”  I’m not ashamed though, and they aren’t from Georgia so they don’t get it.  And, I am a typical lesbian.  We live in Decatur and have a dog-so what. 

One thing I always love about Indigo Girls shows is that everyone is really nice (even in the parking lot afterwords) and happy to be there.  Here’s a recap of my Indigo Girls concert record and any outstanding memories. 

1.  At Chastain with a college friend Gin.  K’s Choice (with Sarah Bettens) opened and was totally awesome.  I didn’t know what to expect at an Indigo Girls show, but I had been to Chastain lots of times.

2.  At Merriweather Post Pavillion outside DC.  This was shortly after PL moved to DC and around our first anniversary.  We went with our friend Chett and his friend Beth.  Our problems with straight people at Indigo Girls shows started here, when a couple more appropriately dressed for the symphony parked themselves against, like seriously all up against,  the railing separating the lawn from the seats and made out most of the show.  We all ended up chatting with our neighbors about the fact that children were present and how the straight people were scaring them. 

3.  At Wolftrap.  Wolftrap is so beautiful, although hard to get to with DC traffic, and again we went with Chett.  Three Five Human opened, and they are not really my thing but they were pretty good, although the lead singer messed up the words to closer to fine on her verse. 

4.  At the 9:30 Club in DC.  Probably the worst Indigo Girls experience, ever.  It’s a stand up rock club, not our scene at all.  We went with Chett again (anyone see a theme here?), and our friends Jeff and Leigh Ann.  The crowd was packed tight and not very nice, and we ended up near a really really really drunk straight woman who kept bumping into everyone and singing loudly and talking the whole time.  Her husband was wearing a suede jacket that smelled awful too.  Later, as she kept bumping into people, she almost got into a fight with a scary woman with a crew cut before the security and her husband pulled her aside.  She was talking so loud over the music at one point that our friend Leigh Ann, yelled at her, “Shut it, just Shut it!  She clearly did not get the Indigo Girls concert etiquette guide. 

5.  Back in Atlanta.  At the Tabernacle with Robert and Julia.  A great show and we had seats right above the stage, kind of behind which was odd, but good seats.  Right after Despite Our Differences came out–I don’t remember the opener, but I think they might have been one of those bands that’s supposed to be good but that I don’t like. 

6.  At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, with Robert and Julia.  It poured down rain before the show, and then was so humid, but still a great show.  Brandi Carlile opened, and she was fantastic. 

7.  At Chastain Park, with Robert and Julia.  We met a group of lesbians living in Statesboro, poor things.


One Response to “Emily and Amy–#7”

  1. Julia Says:

    Yes, the opening band at the tabernacle was crappy. Some boy group that was supposed to be like ben fold’s five I think. And Three Five Human may have played there as well, maybe?

    You should be glad you missed them at Chastain the year before you guys moved back. Well, the concert was great (as it always is) but MagnaPop opened for them. BLEAH. They were horrible. Awful songs, couldn’t sing in tune, horrible outfits. People were actually booing them (at an IG concert!). They came out for the encore and when Amy announced them again the entire crowd just let out this groan or agony.

    I think this is also the concert that Jon and his then girlfriend Tiffany came to and she kept complaining out loud about “why are there all these lesbians?” Classy.

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