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Playlist September 8, 2008

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If I had to make a list of favorite musicians, it would be a pretty easy (and short) list to make.  My musical taste can best be described as loyal.  Once I find an artist I like, I get every cd they ever recorded.  Even the ones they made in their dorm rooms in college.  I like a wide variety of musical styles and artists, but I only love a few.  My overall cd playlist doesn’t vary much–at any given time, I have at least one cd of the Indigo Girls, Katie Sawicki, or Chris Pureka in my car at all times…usually for weeks at a time, on repeat.  It doesn’t bother me a bit to listen to the same thing over and over.  It might bother anyone who rides in my car, and it certainly bothered several college roommates.  PL seems immune and doesn’t notice, which is probably why she still lives with me.  

But, I also have a separate “playlist” in my mind of all time favorite songs that falls outside of that usual repertoire.  I thought I would share that list and the songs on it.  The basic rules of the list are that 1) I don’t own any cd of the artist other than the one with this song (if I even own that)  2) even if I have a favorite song of a favorite artist, that doesn’t count and 3) it has to be at least a little bit original (e.g. no Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash) so that someone reading the list might hear of at least a song or two they didn’t know before.  

In no particular order:

1.  Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin

2.  Origin of Love from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

3.  New Slang by The Shins

4.  Show Me the River by EastMountainSouth

5.  In the Sun by Joseph Arthur

6.  Halleluliah by Jeff Buckley

7.  Travelin’ Thru by Dolly Parton

8.   Ripple by The Grateful Dead

9.  Telling You Now by Jessy Moss

10.  Sleeper by Greg Brown


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