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A Weekend Away September 2, 2008

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For a few months now, a new friend had offered us use of her mountain cabin for the weekend, and we hadn’t been able to get a weekend clear enough to go.  This past week was incredibly stressful (a new school schedule, tons of work, colleagues being laid off) and on Thursday when she mentioned the cabin, I quickly checked with PL and we decided to go up there for Labor Day weekend (the dog got to come along too).   That’s fairly spontaneous for us, but it was a trip with few logistics to work out, and I knew we really needed to relax.  We all had a great time, and came back to Atlanta feeling relaxed and happy. 

Here’s what we did:

Saturday:  packed the car and drove 2 hours from Atlanta, sat on the cabin’s porch (there’s a daybed and lots of rocking chairs) and read, made homemade pizza, watched a movie, and drank lots of cheap wine.

Sunday:  terrific breakfast cooked by our friend, more porch reading, watched the dog (who doesn’t like to walk in wet grass at home) run through the creek and up and down steep hills, went to Lake Burton and rode around in the boat enjoying the sun and the mountains, drove into Black Rock Mountain Park and saw some great views, ate dinner at the Dillard House, back to the house for more reading, and the Sound of Music on tv.

Monday:  reading in the window seat in the cabin’s loft (PL), a nap snuggled with the dog (me), back to the Lake with the dog for more boat riding, visiting an antiques auction, and then a nice drive back to Atlanta with very little traffic.

So, thanks to our friend for her hospitality, for having a cozy cabin, a fun boat, and being willing to share them.


One Response to “A Weekend Away”

  1. Friend Says:

    Glad y’all could come up there.
    It’s waiting for you for future visits.
    The boat will have to wait for O’Malley until next year – which is such a shame now that he has found his calling. 🙂

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