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More Pet Owner Stupidity August 21, 2008

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O’Malley will not be getting a Kook Dogz ice treat maker.  First, I hate when words are intentionally spelled wrong, and they have a double dose here.  Second, I have this great thing in my house known as a freezer with automatic ice maker.  It magically dispenses freshly made ice cubes just for my dog–he gets very excited by this.  Third, if you pour water and anything else into a big container and put it in the freezer, it will freeze, and make a Kool Dogz treat and save you $24.99.


One Response to “More Pet Owner Stupidity”

  1. Rev. Mama Says:

    We have a long-time family boycot on businesses/products that intentionally spell things incorrectly. It’s usually something involving a “k” instead of a “c” in ca. I feel like with the little knowledge that I possess on some of these topics, I can, at least, spell the things they are to be fixing. If I can do it right and they can’t… they’re not getting my business.

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