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Budget Check In August 15, 2008

Filed under: family,finances — Katie @ 11:59 am

We’re now officially halfway into our first month on our new budget, so I though I would check on our spending and see how we’re doing.

Good News:

1. Our health insurance now covers a doctor they previously didn’t, saving $95 each visit, adding up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars in savings a year. Now if they’ll just freakin’ pay more at the dentist.
2. Even though we set our grocery budget for about $100 less each month than we were spending, we still have about half of that budget left for the month and have been eating healthy foods that taste great. We are planning a Costco visit tomorrow, so we end up spending more, but then won’t buy detergent or anything for a long long time.
3. PL got called into work to help out at the last minute on Monday, and will be picking up several extra unexpected days worth of income over the next week or so before school starts. (The downside is less than an hour of reasonably awake time together on 4 out of the 7 days this week since she’s leaving for work when I get home, and I’m sleepy and ready for bed when she gets home.)
4. With one week left before orientation, all of PL’s student loans got sorted out, including the extra bit to help us eat and not get foreclosed upon for the next three years. She also got a pretty nice scholarship, which helps me to not have a stroke when I realize that just one semester of tuition plus everything else at that school costs more than I make in a year.

Bad News:

1. Eating out is our budgeting Achilles heel. We had a couple of unplanned eating out adventures because of an evening meeting and some social obligations, plus some times when we just wanted to eat out but didn’t really need to. We set a really low eating out budget ($50) for the month, and are already at $88, but still less than the over $100-200 we were spending.
2. It’s hot in our house. All the time. And we still paid $133 to Georgia Power.
3. Living on a budget sucks. But zero credit card debt is more fun than the new Amy Ray cd I suppose.


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