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Doing the Job of 3 People August 12, 2008

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There’s a chance that we can leverage some resources at work in the coming months to get some extra help in the Development side of things at the office. I’ve never been in the corporate world, luckily, but in the non-profit world, resources are scarce and there’s too much work to go around.

I’ve been the only full-time person we have doing Development since my position (and I) started almost 2 years ago. I’m managed by a 30-hr week consultant that deals with the higher-up agency management issues but is spending more and more time on other projects. We have more work that we can ever finish though as we grow and want to increase the quality of our publications and write more grants and build more programs. We’re slowly adding to what we call our empire (somehow we don’t find the empire metaphor offensive in our multi-cultural office full of people who escaped brutal regimes and civil wars, don’t ask me why), and have a new Americorps VISTA person with us, and another Americorps position that was already around move into our empire from another section of the office management.

We’re not sure yet what kind of staff changes might happen over the next year or so, but we had an interesting meeting today to talk about some options. First, I created a list of all the different projects I do to see what kinds of things it makes sense to segment off to other positions and also to see what kinds of things I would choose to spend more time on if given the chance. I jokingly made it clear that I was here first and get to pick what I want to do, but that’s pretty much what will happen. It was pretty enlightening to see how my current project list as it now stands could keep 2 full time and 1 part time person occupied.

So, the 3 schizophrenic parts to my job break up into being:
1) special events and donor relations
2) database admin and management for the donor and client databases
3) grant writing and communications

If given the choice, I want to do number 3, because I can spend a whole day messing with writing a grant or newsletter and not realize it. I’m learning to build more and more complex programs, and set up structures to manage their outcomes and evaluate them. Over time, I think I could see myself advancing further up this ladder than the others based on my skills. I would be perfectly happy to never do number 1 again, even though I’m really good at it and might have trouble trusting the details of pulling off our events with anyone else. I’m a geek so number 2 is fine, but it gets boring quickly. Having been the only person doing what I do at the office, and having been the one who figured out the how to’s of it all, I know that the jobs are all closely linked and each need to get done right for the whole ship to keep floating, or at least to not sink too quickly.

We don’t do it often enough, but I think today’s meeting was a good chance to step back from the busyness of our usual days and reflect on the work we’re doing, my personal career development and interests, and agency strategic planning. Taking the time to do this made me feel a little better about feeling like I’m drowing in work most of the time, and it’s nice to know that the “management” doesn’t think I’m slacking off when projects take longer than expected.


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